Losing Weight Exercise

Losing Weight Exercise

Losing Weight Exercise, I know this topic has nothing to do with my site but I feel that I should talk about it here since I know a little bit about it. I am not a professional dietitian or anything, just a regular person just like you. Sometimes people don’t have an idea how to start their weight losing plan or fitness startups. I one time got real sick that I thought that food was making me sick. I thought all food that I ingested harmed me but now that I got better; I know this is not the case. This story is very long so I will update this post from time to time and maybe I will help someone out there.

I was working in a very stressful place with ink on the air. It was a sign shop and the smell of ink from 8 till 5 everyday. So, I think that was part of my damaged body and health. The people who worked there including the boss didn’t care cause on the long run they did fired me. All cause I was very sick and my health was just going down, people thought I was going crazy and even doctors thought that. There was no doctor nor blood test or anything that helped me. When I got fired I got another job and it took about one year to start feeling better. Now it has been 3 years and I am a lot better.

Part of the issue was that I used to work in a very unhealthy place plus a bad people environment, your boss or manager don’t care about you and they just want you out of the company. Well, everything happens for a reason I think. I was left without a job and was there for more than 12 years and they just fired me. I also had issues with tendonitis because of repetitive lifting everyday, I al so think that was part of the problem. Stress and people that just don’t care about you and just a toxic environment. Not good, but now I am very happy that I am not there and doing a lot better.

Since I thought that it was all food poisoning me I think I was eating too healthy. I was eating just greens and fruits and no meat whatsoever. I used to eat a little meat and I think that was not good for my system. My nerves went into sharp pulsing flash pain, I used to feel like little ants walking all over my body. My face also was feeling those sharp pain like electricity going through my body and feeling a burning sharp sensation. It feels like someone is torturing you. It doesn’t feel good living this way but hey I got better and I am still here.

Sharp electricity feeling burning sensation more feeling was after 8pm, I also used to get red hot ears and a big pain on top of my head like someone was drilling my head or hammer with nails. That pain is real bad especially feeling it for a year long. This pain was all 2017 and till 2018 I started to feel better. I also lost 30 lbs in one month, can you believe that? I did that the most unhealthy way and very dangerous so please don’t ever try that.

I will continue this post soon…..