Sell Buy Computers

Sell Buy Computers

Sell Buy Computers – you can actually sell almost anything on our website. We have some current stores that sell used and new computers. If you are looking for a good and very economical PC please look no further. Visit and browse our stores and all of our product’s and you will find many different computers. Business or personal computer’s are available on sale here. Any person who opens a store here on our site; is able to create a online store and start selling, so go ahead and register so you can sell on our website. Very secured with SSL certificate’s and just about all is safe and secured.

We have 24/7 customer support and monitoring for a safe and easy transactions. You may sell your product’s and cash out whenever you want. Very easy to do, you may request payments on our website. Yes, if you need someone to pay you online, just open a account and create a product with a total amount and post it. You can just create a product so just someone to pay you. You will pay a very low fee for each and every transaction though. Well, it all depends on what type of plan you get! Contact us to work the fee’s out with you, just to accommodate you to the best plan and deal.

Stores Online

Create a store just to use as a payment gateway, yes you can. Create your store and a product called pay me and just put any description and start getting paid online. Our website is ready for you to start selling and getting paid. Sell product’s or just get paid on our site, very easy to do.

If you are looking for any electronics or just a computer; you may browse and find the best deals and purchase. We at sjmenterpriseslls is here to help, every transaction is legit and if any issues you may start a dispute and we can interfere and help both parties. Sell Buy Computers by opening a seller store online today. Computer parts or just full complete PC on sale by many different store vendors.

Get Paid Online

How can I use this website?

Just open a account and start posting your product’s. You may start selling by clicking your profile my account link. You may use it free but pay for every sell or transaction you do. There is a percentage fee for every transaction. There are different pan’s for your convenience, free of use until you start selling. You sell you pay a seller fee. If you don’t sell then there are no fee’s involved. A great way to getting paid online, secured, safe and just a great happy atmosphere.

Sell Buy Computers