Yoast SEO Plugin Makes Issue with my site

Yoast SEO Plugin Makes Issue with my site

Yoast SEO Plugin Makes Issue with my site – I am writing this post today just to remember that this plugin does not work good with my site. It damages something with my permalink so just to remember to stay away from that plugin with my site.

It took me days to find out what was damaging my site and making my profile link and pages not to work. It messes up on my shop admin page and my profile link doesn’t work.

Plus My Account button was not working plus I also think the login form on the main page where the register section is. I kept trying to login and never could it was telling me bad password and just bad login info. So hopefully now it works good cause I removed YOAST.

It is very bad when a plugin has config. issues when it damages a theme or the entire functionality of a website. This happens quite a lot with many different websites and have to diagnose and find the culprit.

Issues with Plugins

Sometimes one little thing can be messing your entire site. It takes time, headaches and just lots of work finding what it is. The website’s these days have many different configurations and functionality, this is why it makes it a great website. Well job well done and just delete and remove Yoast plugin and go with another different SEO plugin.

I also want to let you know that I was thinking maybe somewhere in the scripts and programming of the website was this issue, but come to find out it was this plugin doing a bad job. Spent many hours searching and searching and came to the conclusion maybe a plugin is messing it up; and yes it was. You will need to deactivate one by one to see what it is. If actually a plugin ruining your site.

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